This is the official website of Sarra Manning, author or You Don't Have To Say You Love Me and Unsticky
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This is the official website of Sarra Manning, author of Nine Uses For An Ex-Boyfriend, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me and Unsticky, Adorkable, Guitar Girl, Let's Get Lost, Pretty Things, Nobody's Girl, the Diary Of Crush trilogy and the Fashionistas series.

Here you'll find my blog, as well as regular (hopefully!) updates on all my book news, events, sneak previews to forthcoming projects, competitions and a lot of giddy rhapsodising about all my current obsessions from Glee to obscure female Swedish singers to the perfect concealer and everything in between.

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My year in books
I realise, as I started to compile my list of books that I most enjoyed reading this year, that a good sixty five per cent of my reading output is given to old books, mostly out of print, mostly written and set in the Thirties or Forties. Some of it is research as I’ve taken my passion for that period and started writing about it, but it’s also because I was obviously born a good seventy years too late. Anyhow I did manage to read some new releases and these are the ones that I loved above all other. Man at the Helm by Nina Stibbe I adored Nina Stibbe’s memoir of her time as a nanny in 1980′s literary LondonLove, Nina: Despatches from Family Lifeso I couldn’t wait to read her first novel. Set in the 70′s, Man At The Helm is a funny but heartbreaking account of her parent’s divorce told through the eyes of nine year old Lizzie. Her mother and her two siblings move to a village and her mother, entirely incapable of fending for herself, ricochets from one unsuitable lover to another, though the children are convinced that everything will be all right once there’s ...