This is the official website of Sarra Manning, author or You Don't Have To Say You Love Me and Unsticky
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This is the official website of Sarra Manning, author of Nine Uses For An Ex-Boyfriend, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me and Unsticky, Adorkable, Guitar Girl, Let's Get Lost, Pretty Things, Nobody's Girl, the Diary Of Crush trilogy and the Fashionistas series.

Here you'll find my blog, as well as regular (hopefully!) updates on all my book news, events, sneak previews to forthcoming projects, competitions and a lot of giddy rhapsodising about all my current obsessions from Glee to obscure female Swedish singers to the perfect concealer and everything in between.

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The Best Friend Manifesto
Holla! By now, I hope you’ve read and loved The Worst Girlfriend in the World As a little add-on, I wrote this, which Franny and Alice would do well to remember. THE BEST FRIEND MANIFESTO Chicks before dicks.* Your friend’s secrets are your secrets too. To the grave and beyond. You don’t have to give your best friend your last rolo, but you do have to give them your second to last rolo. Friends are contractually obligated not to let each other out in public in an outfit that doesn’t work. A problem shared takes an awful lots of kettle chips. Any boy your friend has expressed an interest in is off-limits. End of. You are only allowed to admire him in a supportive way, but that’s it. “Yeah, you’d look perfect together.” Friends have veto rights before any photos of them are posted on the interweb. If your friend breaks up with her boyfriend, it’s always his fault. Always. Besides, his eyes were too close together and his nostrils were too big and you never liked him anyway. In addition, friends listen to Gretchen Weiner. Friends share clothes, hair products, Instagram accounts, coursework notes but never eye make up, ...